Pianists from Exeter

Pianists from Exeter

Exeter has produced two internationally famous modern pianists over the last 10 years. Here at Piano Lessons Exeter, we are passionate about encouraging our students to aim big! We love to inspire our piano students with the stories of these two Devonshire musicians that are not global stars!

Matt Bellamy grew up in Teignmouth, Devon during the 80s and started his first serious band Rocket Baby Dolls in 1994 with bass player Christopher Wolstenholme and local drummer Dominic Howard. Having all attended the same high school the trio won a battle of the band's competition prompting them to take their music more seriously, with Bellamy taking a year out after completing college to practice his singing, piano and guitar playing. Despite struggling during the first few years to establish themselves, Muse has now grown to become one of the biggest international rock acts of the last 20 years, being the first band to sell out the newly built Wembley Stadium in 2007. Bellamy is a keen pianist, composing many of Muse's songs on the piano before rewriting them for guitar - his piano playing can be heard on tracks like In Your World, Apocalypse Please and Feeling Good.

Chris Martin of Coldplay fame was born and raised in Exeter, attending the Cathedral School in his youth. Having been booed off stage during his first performance Martin has grown to become the lead singer and frontman of one of the most successful modern music groups Britain has ever seen. Having sold over 50 million records and packed out stadiums worldwide Coldplay have utilised the piano as one of their key instruments, heard on numerous tracks including their hits: Clocks, The Scientist, Fix You, Trouble as well as many more!

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Learning to play the piano should be fun, not a chore, so our lessons will focus on playing the music you are interested in, whether that is Bach or The Beatles. I welcome students of all ages, including both adults and younger learners. I teach many young students in after-school lessons that are engaging and exciting, helping children to learn the piano with speed and confidence.

I have many years teaching experience, including working in local schools here in Devon.  Whether you are playing for enjoyment or working through graded exams, I know I have the lessons to make learning the piano fun and rewarding!

To book your first piano lesson or simply to find out more call 01392 703360 or drop me an email!

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Simon is a fantastic local piano teacher! He taught me to play a few songs on the piano after only a few lessons and his friendly, relaxed teaching methods really helped me to learn to play with confidence!

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